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Online Mediation Training Course in Ukraine

We now offer our certified mediation course in the Ukrainian language. International Mediation Campus is the leading global institute in Europe for internationally certified mediation, ADR, negotiation, and conflict management skills training. Our 40-hour live online sessions cover different areas of mediation, negotiation and ADR, and are certified by the International Mediation Institute (IMI), the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) and the International School of Management (ISM).

Our Ukrainian Mediation Training

In only 12 weeks you will become an internationally certified mediator.

Live Training

Live online training sessions take place in a virtual room. Participants and trainers meet live and have interactive and engaging training sessions. The sessions contain theoretical input, discussions, mediation simulations, supervision, exercises, peer group work and role plays.


In addition to live sessions, we offer deeper insights into topics covered within our live sessions via optional asynchronous study materials. These professionally curated online material consists of video sequences, theoretical explanations, case studies, exercises for self-reflection and references of relevant sources.


After completing our online mediation training, you receive a certificate which certifies your quality mediation skills and competencies. This certificate is approved by the IMI and you become an IMI qualified mediator, making you internationally recognized and part of an international network of mediation professionals.

Your Journey to Becoming A Certified Mediator

In our international mediation training, you'll achieve the following objectives:

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