Complete our IMI Certified Online Mediation Training Course in your Local Language

Within our 40 hours live online sessions we cover different areas of mediation, negotiation and ADR. The training meets international IMI standards and you get a certificate on completion. Select your country or language from the available options below to get started.

Live Online

Live online training sessions take place in a virtual room. Participants and trainers are local and speak your language. Training sessions is live and interactive. The sessions contain theoretical input, discussions, mediation simulations, supervision, exercises, peer group work and role plays.


In addition to live sessions, we offer deeper insights into topics covered within our live sessions via additional asynchronous study materials. These professionally curated online material consists of video sequences, theoretical explanations, case studies, exercises for self-reflection and references of relevant sources.

IMI Certified

After completing our online mediation training, you receive a certificate which certifies your quality mediation skills and competencies. This certificate is approved by the IMI and you become an IMI qualified mediator, making you internationally recognized and part of an international network of mediation professionals.

Train in

Complete our IMI Certified Online Mediation Training course in Ukrainian with local Ukrainian trainers certified by IM Campus.

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What our Partcipants Say

With more than 400 participants from more than 45 countries who have already completed our courses, you can have confidence in our world-class training.

Join our Global Network of Mediators

As an IM Campus trained mediator, you become part of an international network of mediators – IM Campus Fellows. By joining our global community, you get to meet other mediators, exchange ideas and best practices and participate in activities and events including but not limited to; research projects, co-mediation partners, further international certifications, opportunities to cooperate with the IM Campus team in international, national, local projects, and become an IM Campus ambassador.

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Having a diverse team of participants and especially the trainers coming from every place in the world, means they have their own ideas and points of view about mediation and this gave us a really wide variety of ideas to adopt for when we become mediators in the future.
Sepide Tabatabaee
Lawyer from Iran
It was such a privilege to meet such a wonderful group of people. Varied and exciting topic modules, carried out by very competent trainers with diverse backgrounds, have made mediation training a great pleasure. The self-taught training sessions made the program super flexible.
Dania Shawwa
Mediator from Switzerland
Everything was so enriching and I loved this multicultural class. I think that was the main learning here, because we learnt to be an international mediator because this is a huge cross cultural mediation. When I need a co-mediator from another country, I will remember you.
Daniel Brantes
Professor and Researcher from Brazil
From the perspective of a student, my takeaway was, within this course, that it is not enough for you to study books alone. You have to do real practical sessions and the practices that we had in this training during these three months were really, really helpful for me.
Mazyar Aghasi Javid
Student from Iran

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