IMI and ISM University Certified Training 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got questions on our mediation training offers? Check out the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the questions or answers you’re looking for then feel free to contact us.

Prerequisites for participation in mediation training area good level of English language, an academic education or professional experience. In an online personal admission interview, we make sure that all participants fit into the group in terms of their personalities and qualifications. Open questions from interested parties can also be discussed.

The IM-Campus team provides a virtual room. Participants and trainers receive a link in order to access the sessions. To create a group atmosphere, camera and sound on is required. For mediation simulations and group work, trainers will divide the group into break out sessions. You will need internet access and a browser device. We work with the online video platform zoom.

In order to receive the IM-Campus certificate, you will need to complete 80% of the live sessions. If you are not able to attend this amount of live sessions, you will have the opportunity to repeat the missing trainings within our next course.

Online mediation is a global trend. More and more and especially taking into account the present situation with COVID, online mediation is demanded. Our participants will be experts in the field of online mediation and especially international online mediation. The knowledge provided in the course enables you to conduct face-to-face mediation, too.

Participants will receive a certificate from the IM Campus: completion of 40 hours of live online mediation training and stating that the content of the training meets the recommendations of the EU guidelines for mediation training and the IMI guidelines.

The recognition is regulated differently in each country and has to be discussed with the appropriate local authorities. Independent of the formal recognition, the training provides profound knowledge on mediation and conflict resolution and enables the participants to apply these skills in their professional or private environment after completion.

Our Fair Price System Policy considers the different purchasing power indexes. We want to give anyone from anywhere access to our mediation program by adjusting the prices to each countries economy and situation. So to speak, everybody pays not the same sum but the same price.

The IM Campus trainers have different professional backgrounds, focuses and nationalities. An interdisciplinarity from law, communication science, psychology, economics, peace studies etc. makes sure to consider different aspects of mediation. The trainers work in different countries and fields of mediation: business mediation, family mediation, peace mediation, international mediation, intercultural mediation but also coaching and team mediation.

You will be part of an international and intercultural alumni network – providing a platform to exchange experiences and work together as co-mediators. You will be able to deal with conflicts and be prepared for a career as an executive and resolve conflicts constructively. You will be qualified to offer (online) mediation and negotiation according to the rules in your country.

From our experience, online live training provides you with skills and knowledge you need to conduct a mediation. In online live simulations body language and other non verbal communication can be read and taken into account. However, online and offline settings are not the same. In order to experience face-to-face simulations, we encourage our participants to meet with peers locally.

Our mediation training is approved by the IMI. After the successful completion of the training, you are an IM Campus certified international mediator and eligible to become IMI qualified. After the training, you can be listed on the IM Campus and IMI homepage as a mediator. You will be:

  • International recognised
  • Quality proved
  • Part of international network.

This course is part of the CONSENSUS Campus Program. CONSENSUS Campus is recognised as meeting the quality criteria set out by the International Mediation Institute (https://imimediation.org/program/consensus-campus/). CONSENSUS Campus has been granted dispensation by the IMI to deliver its existing approved training online during the covid crisis.