IMI and ISM University Certified Training 

International Experts in Online Mediation Training and Certification

International Mediation Campus (IM Campus) is the leading institute for online mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Training, based in Europe. At IM Campus, you can build your expertise and become a certified mediator within 12 weeks or 1 week intensive via our 40 hours certified mediation online training. We also offer tailored training packages via online/in person delivery for larger groups looking to train together. 


We offer an IMI (International Mediation Institute) certified international mediation training. The course meets international standards (40 hours of training). After the successful completion of the training, you are an IM Campus certified international mediator and eligible to become IMI qualified. After the training, you can be listed on the IM Campus and IMI homepage as a mediator. Our international mediation training is also certified by the International School of Management (ISM), a business school based in Germany. After successful completion of the training, participants receive a certificate issued by the ISM and CONSENSUS.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to train people to become Mediators and to enable Mediators from all over the world to deepen their knowledge and to be conflict resolvers who will make a difference in the world. They will help to transform conflict in their workplace, families, communities, or legal systems and be ambassadors of mutual solutions and peace.

A high quality of training is our focus. We believe that a mix of practical and scientific approaches and international dimensions given by our trainers and participants from all over the world leads to excellence in Mediation Profiles. The more people we train with the skills of mediation and negotiation, the more constructive social dialogue will arise.

Therefore, we are reaching out with different programs to multiple and specific target groups. We believe that access to future oriented skills like mediation should not depend on from where you come from. We want to give equal access to participants regardless of their financial means, culture and native language.

Where we come from

CONSENSUS GROUP is a well-known mediation and consulting company based in Stuttgart, Germany with a focus on mediation, ADR, leadership and organisational development.  Our team of more than 15 mediators and experts for ADR and conflict resolution from different professional backgrounds provide mediation and other conflict resolution processes across all industries, different organisations and individuals.

CONSENSUS CAMPUS is our institute for high standard  mediation and ADR training offering advanced courses to become a certified mediator provided by face-to-face seminars in different German cities such as Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. Our 120 hours mediation training programs are provided in German language. The mediation training certificates awarded are recognised and in great demand. Our training programs are conduced according to German mediation law and internationally certified (IMI).

Our Training Offers

International Online Mediation Training

For those who want to become an internationally certified mediator. Participants and trainers meet live and have interactive and engaging training sessions. The sessions contain theoretical input, discussions, mediation simulations, exercises, peer group work and 60 hours of self-study material.


For those who want to learn the basics about mediation and ADR. Our Self-Study Mediation Resource pack contains 60 hours of videos, input, reading resources, reflection tasks, researching tasks, writing tasks and more carefully selected self-paced material, for you to study at your own pace and get certified.

Masterclasses in Mediation and ADR

For those who want to improve their conflict management and mediation skills. Participants and trainers meet live and have interactive and engaging training sessions. The sessions focus on different specialised areas such as negotiation, conflict at workplaces, coaching skills and more for those who want to dig deeper.

Watch Professionals Mediate

For those who want to practice their mediation skills in organised simulations. Participants and trainers meet live and have interactive sessions with a hands-on approach. The sessions include - meet the mediator, watch a mediation simulation, and ask questions and exchange ideas with experts.


For those who want to explore the content of our courses before registering. Our online webinars offer you the opportunity to hear from experts in conflict resolution, mediation and alternative dispute resolution who share their knowledge, experiences and give insights into their work and research.


For those who want to train their team in conflict management and mediation skills. Teams who want to train together in negotiation, communication and conflict resolution skills can enrol on our team training where participants and trainers meet live and have interactive and engaging sessions.

Meet our Team

Founder and Managing Director

She founded Consensus Group a German well known service provider for mediation in 2014 and in line with that later the International Campus. Her expertise and at the same time passion lies in conflict resolution, intercultural communication and curriculum development.

Senior Programme Manager

Alexandra Kieffer began her path to conflict resolution and mediation by studying sociology, economics and the Joint Master Degree "Peace and Conflict Studies" in Germany and England.

Local Project Assistant

Carla is a Paralegal and Master 2 student in Arbitration and ADR Law at Lebanese University, Filière Francophone de Droit. She is passionate about mediation and arbitration.

Local Project Assistant

Arzum Beyza Cimen is a Legal Intern registered in Istanbul Bar. She graduated from Bahcesehir University Faculty of Law with 2nd ranked in 2022. She practices in the corporate law in KPMG, one of the internationally prestigious audit firms.

Course Management

Sri Lanka
Salihah is currently reading for her final year of the LLB (Hons) degree offered by the University of London. She has been a part of The Mediation Program at The Moot Court Bench, Sri Lanka and is the current Head of Mediation. She is a qualified mediator at IM Campus and also at IMI.

Local Project Assistant

Graduated with honors from the University of Carabobo, Venezuela. As of Fall 2022, he is studying for a Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at the Social Sciences University of Ankara as a Türkiye Bursları scholarship holder.

Course Management

Sri Lanka
Amrah Minzar, currently sitting for the Attorney-at-Law Examinations at Sri Lanka Law College. An LLB (Hons) Graduate with a Second Upper from Staffordshire University UK.

Local Project Assistant

Alya is Ukrainian, with vast team and project management experience. She was leading teams in Ukraine, Kyrgyztsan and Poland, got involved in conflict resolution and mediation at work on multiple occasions.

Content Management

Jana Saad is a master's graduate from the Lebanese University. She combines law, project management and digital marketing. She has a passion for creating legal content for social media. She is a trainer and has experience in delivering workshops in Arabic. Jana is confident that with ADR we can make a difference and achieve the SDGs.

Our Volunteers


Wanjiru Wainaina is a current law student at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. She is passionate about peace and conciliation. After witnessing the aftermath of the 2007 post election violence in Kenya as a child, she sought to learn about peaceful conflict resolution mechanisms. Wanjiru is also keen about international alternative dispute resolution mechanisms especially mediation in the commercial industry including international trade.


PhD Candidate Aix-Marseille University and volunteer at IM Campus


United Kingdom
Michael has been an accredited civil/commercial mediator since November 2019, and is currently in process of building his own practice in the UK.