Bespoke Training For Teams

For those who want to train their team in conflict management and mediation skills. Teams who want to train together in negotiation, communication and conflict resolution skills can enrol on our team training where participants and trainers meet live and have interactive and engaging sessions.

Continued Professional Development

Enrolling your team on our bespoke team training helps increase their skill, productivity and overall staff satisfaction and retention.

Work better in multicultural Teams

Our courses in conflict management will help teams who have a diverse and multicultural make, with new communication skills.

Improve Your Management Skills

In addition to daily tasks, todays managers need the transferable skills our training offers to navigate the complexities of managing people.

Our Team Training is tailored to your needs

Learn more about how we can help your team level-up their skills in the workplace.

Small Teams
We offer tailored training packages for small teams of 3 or more people.
Team Training Days
We can provide quotes for having a trainer deliver a presentation in person or online at your team training day
Training Your Managers
We can deliver a tailored training to help your managers improve their communication, mediation and conflict management skills.

Why get certified with
International Mediation Campus?

International Mediation Campus (IM Campus) is the leading institute for online Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Training, based in Europe. At IM Campus, our courses are part of the CONSENSUS Campus Program, which is recognised as meeting the quality criteria set out by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and has been granted dispensation by the IMI to deliver its existing approved mediation training online.