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Dr Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau

Mediator, Director and Founder of the IM Campus


She founded Consensus Group a German well known service provider for mediation in 2014 and in line with that later the International Campus. Her expertise and at the same time passion lies in conflict resolution, intercultural communication and curriculum development.

She draws on a wealth of knowledge and practical experience on the topics of mediation, negotiation, intercultural communication, leadership, process design and organisational development.

Before establishing the company, she managed large European projects, conducted negotiations and set up an internationale study program, among others.

She is an international certified mediator (IMI) and has supported many parties to settled conflicts internationally in commercial, workplace and multi-party settings. In this role, she also advises ministries, governments and organizations worldwide. Her academic training consists of a master’s degree in communication sciences and sociology, a Master in mediation and a PhD  in Social science on the topic “Cooperation or confrontation? The effect of commitment, empowerment, emotion and criticism in negotiation and mediation”. She completed the last two degrees on the job in order to delve deeper into the subject she also focuses on in practise.

Andrea has published scientific books and essays about mediation and conflict management. Her special area of consulting lies on highly escalated conflicts, intercultural conflicts and multi-party conflicts, community conflicts involving private sector and government stakeholders. She also taught in diverse universities and developed trainings and curriculums for different target groups in various sectors

Posted 30 Jun 2022
Mediation as an ADR process (alternative dispute resolution) is often compared with two neighbouring processes, which also focus on conflict resolution and lie on two poles: legal methods and (psycho)therapy.
Posted 7 Dec 2021
In this article, we show how mediation is commonly understood and practised in Germany by looking at three instances. For this purpose, the mediation law, the definition of the German Mediation Association and a research study among German mediators are considered.
Posted 24 Aug 2021
“The dispute over opinions has reached the private sphere and is dividing even close friends. What is the way out of the crisis? Fortunately, there is an alternative to dogmatism- if we learn to engage in conversation in a new way.
Posted 9 Mar 2021
When all educational institutions in Germany had to close their doors on 17 March 2020, mediation training institutes were at a crossroads: Should they postpone their courses until traditional face-to-face teaching would be possible again? Or should they take the plunge and convert their curricula to digital formats?
Posted 19 Jan 2021
The fact that mediation is an effective method of resolving conflicts in a self-determined and sustainable way has been proven at various levels of living together, working together and trading together.

Featured IM Campus contributors

James is a mediator, arbitrator, and law professor at Rikkyo University in Tokyo. He previously practiced international dispute resolution at law firms in Paris and was legal counsel at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes of the World Bank in Washington.
United Kingdom
Catherine Davidson is a nationally accredited mediator (NMAS) and IMI Certified mediator practising in Australia and internationally.
Diego Faleck is a full-time mediator, settlement counsel and a dispute systems designer established in Brazil, with a unique track record in national and international business mediation cases and disputes systems design for major national disasters and special situations.
Anat Cabili is a mediator, facilitator and attorney (admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1998). She has been practicing mediation and facilitation since 2006 and owns a private mediation business in Israel.
Fidana Alieva is a mediation and negotiation practitioner in commercial, employment, workplace, family business and other disputes. She has been working as a dispute resolution professional for more than ten years now (since 2012), mediating, negotiating and arbitrating regionally and internationally. As a dispute resolution professional, she participated in over 200 disputes, including quite complex cases with international organizations’ participation, multi-party disputes and online mediation.