Oksana Ratushnaya

Mediator, Lawyer and Supervisor of family mediators.


For over 20 years, she has advised business owners on partnerships, negotiation preparation and conflict management.

As a family mediator, she specialises in divorce mediation: break-ups in the family and in family businesses.


  • Graduated in Law, Specialist Degree, Dnipropetrovsk National University (2001)
  • Acted in international commercial arbitration (Kiev, Ukraine) on disputes with partners from Italy, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • For 13 years she headed the legal department of a business corporation, advised senior executives on legal issues of partnership organisation and supported businesses in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.
  • Has been practicing as a family mediator in divorces for 6 years and continues to practice as a mediator for businesses, including family businesses. Specialisation: 50/50 business partnerships, negotiation preparation and conflict counselling for one of the conflict parties.
  • Supervisor of family mediators (Dagmar Lagler, Germany, 2019).
  • Member of the Association of Ukrainian Family Mediators (2019-2021)
  • Trainer at the High School of Advocacy of Ukraine on mediation skills (from 2021)
  • Speaker at business consultancy forums organised by the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • D1 (Ukraine) is an expert on family conflicts.
  • Author of articles for Private Entrepreneur (Ukraine).

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