Gulmira Narbaeva

Internationally Certified Mediator


Founder of the private institution international centre for mediation and law “Concord”, founder and director of the public association International Bureau of Accreditation and Certification.

Gulmira has been an internationally certified mediator and trainer at Europartners2007 (Sofia, Bulgaria) since 2019. Co-organiser of the International Summer School on Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Burgas, Bulgaria) since 2017.

  • PhD in Mediation
  • PDFs postdoctoral fellow at K. Ohridski University (Sofia, Bulgaria).
  • Professional mediator and trainer mediator.
  • Practising lawyer, member of the Chamber of Legal Advisers of Nur-Sultan AZP.
  • Member of the Republican Mediation Council of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

Developer of authoring training programmes in:

  • Health care mediation
  • Mediation in education
  • Medical law
  • Effective communication in the organization
  • Effective negotiation
  • Mediation as a means of resolving inter-ethnic conflicts. Peculiarities of inter-ethnic mediation
  • Labour disputes.
  • Resolution of labour disputes through mediation. Specifics of mediation in the resolution of labour disputes in companies with foreign participation

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