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Noam Ebner

Professor of negotiation and conflict resolution at Creighton University

United States of America

Noam Ebner is a professor of negotiation and conflict resolution at Creighton University. Previously, Noam he taught at universities around the world while practicing as an attorney, negotiator, mediator, and mediator trainer.

Noam has worked at the crossroads of conflict resolution and technology in practice, teaching, and research for over fifteen years. He was an early innovator in the realm of online teaching of negotiation and conflict resolution as well as in the realm of online negotiation and dispute resolution.

Noam is a fellow of the National Center for Technology & Dispute Resolution and a regular speaker on issues related to conflict, resolution, and technology.

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In the past decade, the fields of negotiation and mediation have gradually explored applications of technology in dispute resolution. The COVID-19 era, in which all professionals transitioned their practice online, has sharply accelerated this process.

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