Anat Cabili

Mediator, Facilitator and Attorney


Anat Cabili is a mediator, facilitator and attorney (admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1998). She has been practicing mediation and facilitation since 2006 and owns a private mediation business in Israel.
  • Mediated hundreds of complex business and family disputes, and is often appointed by judges to mediate in litigated cases
  • A facilitator of large-scale collaborative policymaking processes that involve stakeholders and the public. She has experience in facilitating such processes in Israel and the United States
  • Over the years, she has taught and trained in the fields of Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Public Participation and Cross-sector Collaboration in both academia and practice-oriented settings in the U.S. and Israel
  • A Visiting Researcher at the MIT-Harvard Program on Public Disputes (2007) and a member of the Harvard Mediation Program (2007)
  • Co-led Creighton University’s Public Issues Collaboration Program and served as an instructor at the Werner Institute for Dispute Resolution at Creighton University (2008-2012)

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