Fola Alade

Attorney-Mediator and Notary Public


Fola Alade is the Founder/ Principal Partner at FOTEFA Partners LP (Mediators & Mediation Advocates), a bespoke Mediation firm in Nigeria.
  • Fellow, World Mediation Organization (WMO)
  • Certified Mediation Advocate with the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (U.K)
  • Trained Mediator on the Panel of Neutrals of the Federal High Court(FHC), Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse (LMDC), Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA) and Lagos Chamber of Commerce and International Arbitration Centre (LACIAC)
  • Trained Negotiator from the Lagos Business School (LBS)
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist
  • Certified Trainer (International Award in Delivering Training[IADT] UK) with the London Professional Training Centre
  • Founder/Principal of Fotefa Mediation Academy, a bespoke Mediation Training Academy where he trains on the business and practice of Mediation
  • Executive Director of the Incorporated Trustees of Attorney-Mediators Association (ATMA), a Consultant/Facilitator/Trainer with the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA Nigeria), Betaworka Cosmopolitan Partners Limited, Au Courant Legal Research Firm, Legally Engaged Academy and the Resource HQ Ltd where he trains on Negotiation, Mediation, Mediation Advocacy, Negotiation, Workplace Conflict and Emotional Intelligence
  • Called to the Nigerian Bar in 2007 after obtaining his LLB Hons Degree from the University of Lagos in 2006
  • Member of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and the Section on Business Law (SBL), Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA) and a Partner member with the NCMG International (Negotiation and Conflict Management Group International)
  • native speaker of Yoruba and fluent in English and Pidgin
Starts 14 Oct 2022
Led by Fola Alade
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Emotions drive People and as Mediators, it plays a central role in the process of conflict and resolution. For a mediator, it is important to recognize emotions correctly and act upon them. Emotional Intelligence is imperative for the amicable resolution of disputes and peaceful co-existence among parties. The foregoing necessitates the need for Mediators to be empowered with the skills of Emotional Intelligence.

Starts 14 Jun 2021
Led by Fola Alade
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The aim of the session is to teach participants how they can build a successful and thriving mediation career and practice. The webinar covers dynamics of mediation such as the Features & Benefits of Mediation, Mediation vs. Litigation, Types of cases that can be resolved by Mediation, Role of a Mediator and a Mediation Advocate and Features of Mediation.

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