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Prof Ran Kuttner

Associate Professor of Dispute Resolution & Mediator


Ran is an Associate Professor of Dispute Resolution (expert track) at the University of Haifa, where he teaches in the International Graduate Program in Peace and Conflict Management Studies.
  • Until recently he also served as an academic advisor to Givat Haviva, an organization that aims at building a shared society and dialogue among Jews and Arabs in Israel
  • Prior to his return to Israel, he was an Associate Professor of Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at the Werner Institute, Creighton University (USA) and preceding his arrival at Creighton, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School for three years, where among other projects he helped redesign and teach Harvard Law School’ Mediation Course
  • He is a certified mediator and mediation teacher in Israel and consults to organizations and community mediation centers that work towards a more dialogic Israeli society in implementing collaborative conflict engagement approaches
  • He developed a mediation certification program in Israel and teaches courses on mediation, dialogue, group facilitation, leadership and conflict resolution, negotiation, and peacebuilding strategies
Posted 27 Jan 2022
Can you think of a time when you read a few pages of a book then realized you didn’t remember anything? Where was your mind? Or a moment when you were engaged in conversation with someone but realized you had not listened to what the other person was saying yet you seemingly heard everything they said? The mind has a tendency to wander off, sometimes to the past or future taking us away from the present moment.
Starts 3 Nov 2021
Led by Prof. Ran Kuttner
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In this workshop students will be exposed to the underpinnings of the Transformative Approach and Narrative Approach to mediation, and to mindfulness-based practices that with ongoing practice can help cultivate a relational mindset and dynamics of dialogue in the mediation room.

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