Julian Ferguson

Mediator and Ethicist


Julian’s career began in ethics, where his expertise rests in the areas of mental health, pharmaceuticals, and emerging technologies. As a mediator, he has worked throughout the health care spectrum on conflicts related to informed consent, patient rights and many others. He is drawn to innovation and mediates conflicts that stem from emerging technologies/industries and the entrepreneurial spirit that comes with them.
  • Holds an MA in Bioethics from NYU and a MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Toronto
  • Recognized mediator with the ADR Institute of Canada
  • Member of the ADR Institute of Canada’s Ethics and Professional Practice Committee
  • Lectures on Bioethics at the University of Toronto
  • Teaches mediation at NGOs and Universities throughout Ontario
  • Is a Certified Workplace Conflict Analyst and Investigator
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COVID-19 thrust mediators into the Online world whether we liked it or not, and realistically there isn’t any going back. We will certainly return to some in-person mediations eventually, but in all likelihood ODR will be a predominant part of our practices from this point forward. The adaptation to ODR proposes a number of ethical questions and practical considerations that need to be discussed.

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