Maria Francesca Francese

IMI Certified Mediator, MCIArb


Francesca is a civil and commercial mediator, with almost two decades of experience and thousands of mediated cases.
  • Legal Designer, applying the Design Thinking approach to the legal practice
  • MCIArb (mediation) and IMI Certified Mediator
  • Family mediator, operating within the Italian law n. 4 of 2013
  • Listed in several international mediator panels
  • Trainer and lecturer working with Universities and Institutions in Italy and abroad
  • Practicing Lawyer based in Milan, Italy
Posted 9 Nov 2020
What I have been missing the most during these Covid19 times is physical contact with other people. In fact, even in summertime, when those tight safety measures had started to loosen up a bit and we were able to walk around in open spaces without having to wear a mask, social distancing still had to be maintained. That meant no kisses nor hugs, not even handshakes or simple gestures of complicity such as touching the other person lightly with the tip of your elbow.
Starts 1 Dec 2022
Led by Maria Francesca Francese
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This masterclass will cover Non-Violent communication as a language of process, a way to focus one’s attention. We usually communicate in a way that blocks empathy: moral judgments, comparisons, denying responsibility. This means that we generally communicate in a violent way and judgments permeate how we see the world and ourselves.

Starts 28 Oct 2021
Led by Maria Francesca Francese
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Building from the latest scientific discoveries, this online seminar investigates how music creates connections through empathy, trust, cooperation and how this relates to the mediator’s work. As a species we are “wired” for music, are we “wired” for mediation too?

Starts 6 Oct 2021
Led by Maria Francesca Francese
Registration is Free
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This webinar outlines the basis of non-violent communication and explains why it is fundamental know-how and knowledge for every mediator and for really anyone who cares for good relationships. For those who deal with conflict resolution and ultimately for anyone who wants to live in peace.

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