Mike Waite

Associate Practitioner

United Kingdom

Mike Waite is an experienced mediator, trainer and researcher who lives in southwest Scotland.

He was a youth and community worker with a number of municipal councils and charities in northwest England, and worked as the senior local government officer responsible for community cohesion and equalities at Burnley Council following racialised disturbances and riots in 2001, holding this role during the years when far-right councillors were winning local elections in the town. He was a lead practitioner with the Keeping Our Cool initiative around protests and demonstrations at COP 26.

Starts 14 Mar 2023
Led by International Mediator Campus
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The street is often a space where people gather to be heard. The Scottish-based Centre for Good Relations (Centre for Good Relations – Civic Mediation – HOME HOME ) has explored how mediation and dialogue can support protestors, the police and communities to navigate this space so that people can be heard, helping to balance the rights of parties in non-violent ways. In this webinar we will:

· share some learning from our experiences at COP 26 (Glasgow, November 2021) and other protests in England and Scotland,

· explore how spaces for mediation can be carved out in contested situations,

· consider how to prepare to intervene during protests,

· consider the role and limitations of mediation to enable better/constructive communication between stakeholders in protest situations

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