How to communicate with high-context and low-context cultures in mediation

Starts 28 Feb 2022
14:00 CET
Ends 28 Feb 2022
15:00 CET
Online event
Led by Fidana Alieva
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In this session you will get acquainted with differences of high-context and low-context cultures. The trainer will share with you real examples of negotiations with different cultures involved and speak about her experience of mediating cross-cultural cases. You will also have a chance to learn more about cultural distinctions of non-verbal language.

Objectives include:

  1. High-context and low-context cultures in communication
  2. Cultural distinctions of non-verbal language
  3. How to deal with different cultures in mediation?

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Managing Trainer

Fidana Alieva
She has been practising mediation in commercial, labour, organisational and family business disputes for over 10 years. She has tremendous experience in mediation and negotiation with international organisations. Fellow of the Weinstein JAMS International Commercial Mediation Programme (2018, USA).
Starts 23 Apr 2021
Ends 23 Apr 2021
Online event
Led by Fidana Alieva
Registration is Free
Registration Ended

Asking questions is one of the most powerful techniques which helps to negotiate if you are a negotiator and manage mediation process if you are a mediator. 80% of the online seminar’s material is absolutely practical which offers an opportunity to train and develop essential soft skill. Why asking questions is the power? What are different types of questions and how do they work? How to deal with parties’ assumptions using questions?


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