Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau International Mediator

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Dr. Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau

International Mediator and Researcher

“The dispute over opinions has reached the private sphere and is dividing even close friends. What is the way out of the crisis? Fortunately, there is an alternative to dogmatism- if we learn to engage in conversation in a new way.

Will the pandemic become a stress test for friendships? Yes, indeed, as communication scientist and mediator Dr Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau has observed. But she also says: “This is a good thing. Because if we do it right, we can learn from the pandemic period – in the social debate as well as in the personal sphere – the dispute about the strategies for coping with the Corona crisis and to deal with conflicts that will continue to arise in the future from opposing opinions about the right course of action.

Dr Hartmann-Piraudeau, some people are already talking about social division as a result of the pandemic. Is that how you perceive it?

Dr Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau: The atmosphere is tense, that’s true. You can observe that camps are forming. The two poles are roughly where some emphasise that their actions are based on scientific facts, where they say: the virus is dangerous in such and such a way and must be curbed in such and such a way. And then there are those who find it short-sighted to refer only to the virus. They see the crisis as something bigger and criticise the current coping patterns as being too short-sighted.”

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