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Provenendo da paesi, culture e contesti professionali diversi, il nostro team è qui per condividere con voi le proprie competenze ed esperienze. Fate clic su un formatore per visualizzare il suo profilo e le formazioni associate.

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Why become a certified mediator with International Mediation Campus?

We offer an IMI (International Mediation Institute) certified international mediation training. The course meets international standards (40 hours of training). After the successful completion of the training, you are an IM Campus certified international mediator and eligible to become IMI qualified. After the training, you can be listed on the IM Campus and IMI homepage as a mediator. Our international mediation training is also certified by the International School of Management (ISM), a business school based in Germany. After successful completion of the training, participants receive a certificate issued by the ISM and CONSENSO.