Mediation Training Course Material for Self-Study

Our Mediation Training Self Study Pack introduces you to the field of mediation and ADR and deepens your knowledge in the area of conflict resolution. 20 Videos and tasks for in-depth study cover the topics; history of mediation, principles of mediation, communication skills and more.

Our Mediation Course Self-Study Pack

Our course materials are available to download if you are unable to attend our 12 weeks or 1 week intensive international mediation course. We recommend our Self-Study Pack for people interested in mediation and negotiation, international conflict management, managing teams, mediators who want to review the basics and students of Peace and Conflict Studies, and Law.


Our course materials offer deeper insights into topics covered within our live sessions via optional asynchronous study materials. These professionally curated online material consists of video sequences, theoretical explanations, case studies, exercises for self-reflection and references of relevant sources.

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Alexandra Kieffer

Alexandra Kieffer


Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau博士

Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau博士是一名国际认证调解员和冲突专家,拥有广泛的国际网络和多年的调解和非诉讼纠纷解决经验。她负责课程和研究工作。