IMI and ISM University Certified Training 

Yahya Parvandi

Policy Adviser and Mediator


After receiving his PhD in Public Policy from the University of Tehran, Yahya Parvandi took a role in many facilitations in policy-making throughout the country as a policy advisor at the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Meanwhile, he started his social activities in the promotion of peace, where he faced Mediation for the first time at the Tehran Peace Museum. Now with less than a decade of experience in policy advising, he is an IM-Campus certified mediator trying to promote Mediation throughout his country.
Starts 17 Aug 2022
Led by Yahya Parvandi
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در فرآیند میانجیگری طرفین اختلاف می‌توانند آزادانه و در محیطی امن و دوستانه به بیان احساسات، نیازها و
خواسته های خود در راستای حل تعارض فی مابین بپردازند.
مشارکت کنندگان این جلسه بینش اولیه‌ای نسبت به موارد زیر کسب خواهند کرد:
● چیستی میانجیگری؛
● تفاوت میانجیگری با سایر روش‌های حل اختلاف؛
● اصول میانجیگری؛
● وضعیت

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