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Tatiana Pastukhova

Entrepreneur, Trainer Author and co-founder of EQally


Tatiana is an entrepreneur, a trainer in corporate agile psychology, an author of two books and one of the founders of EQally – an emotional intelligence training application. Her primary specialisation is 5 communication channels, emotional intelligence and crucial conversations. She is on a mission to translate the results of scientific research into a practical form that appeals to everyone, with the hope that this awareness and tools will help to build a better world for our children and us.

Tatiana (Lukyanova) Pastukhova was born in Soviet Union in 1978. 

Since early childhood, her primary interest has been understanding how people think and feel and what drives their decisions and behaviour. She dreamt of studying psychology, but at first, destiny prepared a different path for her. She ended up focused on physics and mathematics, where through years of ups and downs she has sharpened her analytical skills. 

After acquiring a Master of Science degree in Physics, she moved to the Netherlands to proceed with a scientific career. But once again, she realised that humans interest her way more than particles, molecules, electrons, and quarks. That led her away from science to the challenging and intriguing environment of e-commerce. 

For many years, Tatiana was responsible for designing and creating solutions for customers of one of the biggest classifieds in the world, part of the eBay Classifieds Group. Successful at creating hyper-productive teams, she started investing more time into coaching for better communication, negotiations and leadership. Given all that experience and a great passion for human psychology, she decided finally to fulfil her dream and formalise her knowledge by earning a full Master of Science degree in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

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Led by Tatiana Pastukhova
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In communication, people tend to fall under the influence of “verbal overwrite,” focusing on what is being said.

During this webinar, we’ll uncover the topic of all five communication channels and the possibility of enriching the understanding during communication.

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