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Rebecca Webber Gaudiosi

Mediator, Negotiator & Researcher

United States of America

Rebecca Webber Gaudiosi is an engineer, scientist, and former diplomat with expertise in environment and sustainable development policy and multilateral negotiations. She represented the United States at the United Nations from 2006 – 2015 and is the co-author of “Negotiating at the United Nations” (Routledge 2019).
  • As a diplomat, Rebecca was responsible for the U.S. relationship with over 25 multilateral organizations focused on environment, climate change, and sustainable development (among other responsibilities).
  • She has participated in hundreds of multilateral negotiations (plus the internal negotiations to make the policies she represented there).
  • Rebecca has a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering (Polymer Physics). She did her graduate research at Northwestern University, near Chicago, and her postdoctoral research at the ESPCI in Paris.
  • Dr. Gaudiosi received a Masters in Public Policy (MPP) from Princeton University’s School for Public and International Affairs in 2014.
  • She is an IMI qualified mediator through the International Mediator Campus program.
  • Rebecca is passionate about increasing international understanding, one person at a time. She also believes that all policy discussions should be multi-party negotiations, and that the world could do them better: she calls it “problem solving with friends.”
Posted 10 Aug 2022
I spent close to 10 years negotiating at the United Nations (UN), and I believe that multilateral outcomes—those truly developed inclusive of all the stakeholders—offer the only workable policy solutions to our ever-expanding challenges
Starts 1 Feb 2023
Led by Dr. Rebecca Webber
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Negotiation in practice. In this masterclass, you’ll learn from a United Nations negotiator how good solutions can be found even in challenging situations.

Starts 10 Dec 2021
Led by Rebecca Webber Gaudiosi
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We all negotiate every day of our lives, in attempts to resolve conflicts large and small. This seminar will discuss the power and responsibility of the individual – each individual – in forging a successful negotiated outcome to any conflict. Using five key lessons, Dr. Gaudiosi distills the essence of an effective negotiator and explains how every participant in a negotiation can foster a legitimate process and create good outcomes for all involved.

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