Offor Godslove Nkeomachi

Scholar, IM Campus activities Nigeria


A creative, analytical and curious lady with a passion for Mediation and a desire to use mediation principles to make disputes less of a nightmare for disputing parties, and more of a means to a better and amicable solution/goal.

She is an Internationally certified Mediator with MediateGuru, a scholar of International Mediation Campus and an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC) in Nigeria. Fueled by an interest in Web3, Blockchain and the Metaverse, she is learning about the technology and creating avenues through which Mediation will be sought as a dispute resolution mechanism for disputes that arise in the use of these technologies.

She educates fellow Mediation Enthusiasts, students and her connections on the value of Mediation, and the benefit its processes bring to parties in a dispute.

Always open to meeting new people, ready to learn and share ideas. You can find her on LinkedIn and other social platforms to learn more about what she does.

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