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Garance Goujard



Garance Goujard is an environmental engineer and a real estate, construction and urban planning jurist. She held various positions in a large construction group, in the South-East of France, during ten years before starting an independent consultancy and chartered surveyor activity in 2010.

Garance is a Court appointed chartered surveyor since 2012. This practice has triggered a desire to engage in other alternative methods of dispute resolution : since 2016, she mediates construction, real estate, urban planning or environmental disputes, whether Court ordered, by the judicial and administrative courts of the South-East of France, or ad-hoc mediations in all of France.


Furthermore, she regularly conducts professional trainings in mediation and negotiation.


Garance is a member of the Academy of Mediation, a former commercial court judge (Avignon Commercial Court), and a graduate in internal and international arbitration (2020).

Since 2021, she has also managed the real estate assets transactions and asset management division of a large French banking group.

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