IMI and ISM University Certified Training 

Fathima Salihah

Course Management

Sri Lanka

Salihah is currently reading for her final year of the LLB (Hons) degree offered by the University of London. She has been a part of The Mediation Program at The Moot Court Bench, Sri Lanka and is the current Head of Mediation. She is a qualified mediator at IM Campus and also at IMI.

She has participated at international mediation, and negotiation competitions as a competitor, expert assessor, and also as a volunteer host.

Salihah is also a legal intern at a multinational company, and also aspires to pursue her talent in public speaking and presenting.

Featured IM Campus contributors

Sezil Durmuş is an Attorney at Law registered in Istanbul Bar and a Mediator registered in Turkish Ministry of Justice. She focuses her practice on Contracts Law, Corporate Law and Employment Law by assisting her clients in structuring and negotiating legal transactions.
Greg was born in the UK and lives and works in Germany. He teaches mediation, negotiation and cross-cultural communication in commercial law, management and MBA programmes at the Technical University of Wildau, Berlin, Germany, where he also coordinates an internal conflict advisory service.
United Kingdom
Catherine Davidson is a nationally accredited mediator (NMAS) and IMI Certified mediator practising in Australia and internationally.
Claude Amar is a registered architect, a hotel developer, a real estate asset manager and a mediator.
As an established member of the Chambers of Ronny Wong S. C., Vod K. S. Chan is a barrister, international arbitrator and mediator practising in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HK).