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Camille Audemard



A legal attorney in labour law for her master’s degree, Camille Audemard has been practicing mediation for the last five years after training in the United States and France. She mainly intervenes in business companies but also commercial and family issues. She is registered as a judicial mediator for the Appeal courts in Toulouse, Lyon, Grenoble, Montpellier and Agen.

She is regularly solicited by the courts in Toulouse for cases where an amicable resolution of their conflicts is considered possible (conflicts between condominium corporations and coop owners, inheritance conflicts, conflicts between ex-business associates, etc.). She is also solicited conventionally by work psychologists and human resource managers in business companies to solve conflicts between staff members, mainly at the management level. She also teaches mediation and management of crisis situations to students of law master’s degree courses, in engineering universities and business schools.

She is convinced that getting together around a table with a person outside the conflict is a means of facilitating the discussion between those involved and can help resolve a conflict more easily.

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