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Arzum Beyza Cimen

Local Project Assistant


Arzum Beyza Cimen is a Legal Intern registered in Istanbul Bar. She graduated from Bahcesehir University Faculty of Law with 2nd ranked in 2022. She practices in the corporate law in KPMG, one of the internationally prestigious audit firms.

She engages in alternative dispute resolutions which is arbitration and mediation. She worked in Istanbul Arbitration Center as a student intern, therefore she experienced the practice of both national and international arbitration and mediation.

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Posted 6 Jan 2023
In previous blog post, we analysed the 4 steps of the nonviolent communication process and mentioned the importance of expressing emotions clearly. Well, how do people express their emotions?We tend to express our emotions at many points in our daily lives. Usually, these moments are situations where we feel emotions such as sadness, resentment, fear, and anger. There are more than one way to express emotions. Many people are used to express their emotions on the basis of blame, not on the basis of need.

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