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Francesca Francese


This webinar outlines the basis of non-violent communication and explains why it is fundamental know-how and knowledge for every mediator and for really anyone who cares for good relationships. For those who deal with conflict resolution and ultimately for anyone who wants to live in peace. 

“Don’t be afraid. Non-violent communication is very easy to explain and to understand, but it takes a lot of effort to implement and a lot of commitment. So you will easily understand how it works or at least I hope so. But that does not mean that you know your NVC unless you put yourself in the game and you practice it. Even so it is a lifelong journey so be aware non-violent communication is not just another tool in your toolkit. It is a life-changing paradigm.”

The founder, the inventor, the man who put together this method called nonviolent communication is Marshall B. Rosenberg.

The speaker Francesca Francese briefly presents the origins of the non-violent communication and then talks about the four main components of it and the two directions of nonviolent communication. And observation, feelings, needs and requests for action, which are the four main components

The fundamental questions are:

What happens to disconnect us from our compassionate nature leading us to behave violently?


What allows some people to stay connected to their compassionate nature under  even the most trying circumstances?

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