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Online Mediation Training Course in French

We now offer our certified mediation course in French language. International Mediation Campus is the leading global institute for international certified mediation, ADR, negotiation and conflict management skills training based in Europe. Our 40 hours live online sessions covers different areas of mediation, negotiation and ADR, and is certified by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and the International School of Management (ISM).

Our French Mediation Training

In only 12 weeks you will become an internationally certified mediator.


Our international mediation training consists of 40 hours online sessions over 12 weeks period or 1 week intensive period covering topics including conflict interaction, communication skills, mediation process, the impact of emotions and personality on the mediation process, negotiation, consensus building and peacebuilding. Our training is certified by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and International School of Management (ISM).

Who Should

Our training is open to everyone, regardless of their profession and experience, who aims to understand conflict interaction, strengthen communication competencies, take role in conflict resolution, increase negotiation skills, become a mediator, improve as a mediator. The more people we train with the skills of mediation and negotiation, the more constructive social dialogue will arise. Therefore, we are reaching out to multiple and different target groups.


Participants and trainers meet online and organise interactive training sessions. Our courses include theoretical knowledge, exercises, group work, discussions, role-plays and Self-Study Pack. The Self-Study Pack contains information on the topics covered in our online sessions and offers deeper insights, videos, theoretical information, case studies, insight exercises and bibliographies.

Your Journey to Becoming A Certified Mediator

In our international mediation training, you'll achieve the following objectives:

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