FDI Mediation Moot IM Campus Scholarships

Posted 4 Mar 2022

IM Campus partners with the FDI Mediation Moot

The International Investor-State Mediation Competition (IIMC) Colombo will provide a global platform for mThe FDI Mediation Moot seeks to promote understanding about international investment mediation and to explore its potential. Students compete as negotiators and mediators in a series of mediations related to hypothetical investment disputes. Each of the twenty-four negotiation teams comprises a party representative and a legal counsel. In most rounds, the negotiation teams represent either an investor or a State hosting an investment. Twelve student mediators assist the negotiation teams. The student mediators act in co-mediation with experienced mediators. Altogether, thirty-six teams from nine countries will compete.

International Mediation Campus (IM Campus) is the leading institute for online Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Training, based in Europe. Regardless of where you are in the world, at IM Campus you can build your expertise and become a certified mediator within 2 – 12 weeks via our 40 hours IMI certified online mediation training.

For the purposes of the competition, the role of the practicing mediators is to support the competing student mediators. They are encouraged to give space to the student mediators to take primary responsibility for managing the mediations and to intervene as needed, for instance, to nudge the discussions in a different direction or to ask clarifying questions. As we discussed, competing students and practicing mediators are asked to take one break during each mediation to discuss what they have learned about the dispute and what their strategy will be going forward. Practicing mediators also provide feedback to the competing students after each session together with the assessors.

The mediation problems concern not only legal claims by investors but also disagreements over procedures, enforcement, and treaty interpretation.

The General Rounds will be held on Friday, 25 March and Saturday, 26 March. The semi-final rounds and final round will be held on Sunday, 27 March.

By partnering with the FDI Mediation Moot, IM Campus will be offering scholarships for the 40 hours IMI certified online mediation training and the self-taught study pack where participants can learn asychnronous at their own pace.

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International Mediation Campus (IM Campus) is the leading institute for online Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Training, based in Europe. At IM Campus, our courses are part of the CONSENSUS Campus Program, which is recognised as meeting the quality criteria set out by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and has been granted dispensation by the IMI to deliver its existing approved mediation training online.