The Ethics of ODR: Its more than Zoom

Starts 17 Jun 2021
Ends 17 Jun 2021
Online event
Led by Julian Ferguson
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COVID-19 thrust mediators into the Online world whether we liked it or not, and realistically there isn’t any going back. We will certainly return to some in-person mediations eventually, but in all likelihood ODR will be a predominant part of our practices from this point forward. The adaptation to ODR proposes a number of ethical questions and practical considerations that need to be discussed.

For example, how do we truthfully promise our clients that their information and stories will remain confidential when everything is being sent and saved online? How many of us have really considered the security of our emails and computers to protect confidential information from being stolen? Thinking further ahead, ODR, like all other areas of technology, will only advance. The idea of the “fourth party,” a metaphor for how ODR manages the communication and processing of information at the heart of every ADR process, also suggests that with advancements in software and AI new technologies could assist and possibly even take over increasingly complex mediations and negotiations. What are the ethical issues that will arrive with such changes?

This webinar provides a brief overview of some general ethical concerns in mediation, how the ethical landscape is changing with the rise of ODR and the new questions we need to consider as mediators, and finally, what we need to consider moving forward.

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Julian Ferguson
Julian’s career began in ethics, where his expertise rests in the areas of mental health, pharmaceuticals, and emerging technologies. As a mediator, he has worked throughout the health care spectrum on conflicts related to informed consent, patient rights and many others. He is drawn to innovation and mediates conflicts that stem from emerging technologies/industries and the entrepreneurial spirit that comes with them.


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